David Hason

Film Composer | Record Producer

"As a creative professional in the Entertainment Industry, I constantly have a vision of how the final outcome of a project should be. When working with David, I cherish the fact, that not only does he understand this vision, but elevates it to a whole new level of quality. His knowledge and talent in scoring and composition, therefore, has become a permanent asset in my work."

Willy Kramer, producer/writer

David is a brilliant composer and accomplished musician with many years of experience. He is always capable of quickly understanding our visions and wishes and turning them into great pieces of music. Meaning: David delivers – always. He is extremely enthusiastic about his work and doesn't shy away from going the extra mile. 
I can recommend David as a person of great integrity and professionalism. It's probably also worth to mention that all this professionalism is wrapped in an extremely likable and fun personality.

Ilja Schmuschkowitsch, head director 'Metamonkey'